Hollywood Engagement: Laura and Jonathan

Once in a while you meet one of “those” couples…

You know the type… just regular people committed to building something special… together.

Meet Jonathan: Focused Hollywood writer and visual story teller committed to originality at any cost.

Meet Laura: The animal aficionado, freedom seeking zealot who never met a good time that didn’t have her at its center.

These two are fun. These two are on an adventure. These two are up for taking life for all she’s worth.

I wonder what the world would be like with more of “those couples” around. Love you guys!


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Fun love the locations! Very Unique!

Jessica Pressley
Jessica Pressley

Love these! Your photos definitely stand out from the crowd, Dane.

Sol Tamargo
Sol Tamargo

Dane, These are awesome!!! So Real, so fun, so full of live and emotions, LOVED them!! :)