Fear can save your life.

When what I’m up against deserves a legit fight or flight, I’m glad fear exists. The adrenalin it produces is a quick-burn fuel that can get me going.

But, what if fighting and flighting weren’t our only options when fear came to the party?

What if that feeling of fear existed for a higher calling… like a clue to a hidden treasure?

When I take time to pause and consider, I am amazed at how much more resource I have available to me in the face of fear. Add some humility, a willingness to work hard, and better still, a willingness to fail – or as Sun Tzu says… a willingness to die before you go into battle – fear will lose its hold.

What if fear was a sign that opportunity was knocking?

If I’m scared of my “not being as creative as that person over there” or “my business failing” or “the economy can’t support me“, I can attack the disabling part (fear) and embrace the objects in creative ways (the colleague, the prospects, the real opportunities in the existing economy).

When Emerson suggested to “… always do what you are afraid to do” I don’t think he was kidding. I think he was giving you and me our marching orders to unprecedented possibility.