Photography is dead… long live the creative!

Medium published my article on how the death of photography as we knew it might be the best news your inner creative ever heard. The response has been so significant I thought I should record an audio version so more folks might join in the conversation (see below).

The original version is here…

The Elephant in the Room


  1. […] In the conversation with Dane, we talked about an articlel he wrote, for, titled “Photography is dead… long live the creative.” Dane thought that I might be interested in what he had written and sent me a link to check it out. When I saw the length of the article, I replied to Dane’s email, thanked him for sharing it with me, but told him that I am simply not the type of person enjoys reading any post on the web that’s more than two or three short paragraphs. This prompted Dane to put his audio gear to work and create an audio version of the article. You can listen to that article by clicking here. […]