The power of curiosity


People are strange when they’re a stranger, people look ugly when you’re alone. -The Doors

Like politics, religion is one of those areas that can polarize people pretty fast. It makes sense. Both subjects contain ideas that people hold passionately. But despite sincere beliefs, much damage has been done by folks dogmatic in their stance.

Well, when I was finishing up my interview with Michael Hyatt over at Converge, we got to talking on a more personal level about just this topic and I found it so refreshing. Michael and I share a common faith tradition and I found his take on how to be with folks who hold different beliefs like a glass of cold water on a hot day. It was so good, I made a mini-bonus-episode and included it below. [Read more...]


Context for your content


One of the things I love about creating original content, is I get to make stuff in a way that works for me. Like athletes having a favorite glove or stick, workers wearing the right clothes for the job or painters with the right brush or paint, these custom containers aren’t necessary to do the work, but they can make the work more (or less) enjoyable. Ironically, at least for me, the best containers provide a context where I forget about them. They reduce friction.

One way that I like to express myself is through writing and publishing. So, I’m always in pursuit of better tools to contain my work. Of course, avoiding writing until I find the perfect instrument isn’t the point. When I do that, I’m just kidding myself. The fine art of creating distractions aside, when I do find better tools that fit for me and my personality, I tend to enjoy everything about the creative process more.

In selecting the right instruments, there used to be a digital divide. You either created as a luddite or you created in a digitally native environment. Thankfully that’s not true anymore [Read more...]

Up all night to get lucky?


You know those serendipitous moments when you’re in a public space, cranking on your work, caffeine flowing, Spotify in ears and something happens between songs that steals your attention?

That was this morning for me. I found myself listening to two nearby neighbors in between sips of coffee. They were a couple of seeming successful business guys in casual Friday attire, talking golf and tennis and stocks.

Sidenote: I swear there are two of these morning guys at every Starbucks I know. One of them just stepped away to take a call or do a trade or something. He was on the phone when he was ordering his coffee too.

Well here’s the aha: [Read more...]

Kristen and Rob | London Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

Kristen & Rob’s wedding was perfect from start to finish. After an epic engagement that took us all over LA, I wasn’t sure it could be topped. I was wrong.

The backdrop was Gordon Ramsay’s The London Hotel in West Hollywood. But it was the people that made the venue.

Rooftop vistas and a west coast / east coast rivalry that made for a fantastic evening.

The ceremony… gorgeous. The couple… in love. Thanks for allowing me to play a part.

Jessi and Austin

When a family trusts you with a second daughter’s wedding (here is the first), it is both an affirmation and a privilege. Thank you Walker Family! I was eager to give it my all for Jessi & Austin. By request, here is a little tease from the day…

Of course, there’s plenty more to see both from this wedding and other recent work. If you’d like to see more, please check back here periodically as I’ll be posting a lot more work over the coming months (I’ve been really slack with my blogging for far too long – please forgive me) as well as on Pinterest. You can also see my main site or just give us a call anytime at 949-829-3263. Thanks for stopping by!