Dream Bride!

Lindye Maples Galloway

You don’t want to miss today’s super-special Fast Track Coaching Event with superstar bride Lindye Galloway!

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PS… Last night’s PPA talk in Channel Islands was such a blast. Thanks everyone who came out!

Episode 11 – K.I.T.

This week’s show really is a perfect set-up for today’s super-special Fast Track Coaching Event. Our special guest today for Coaching is actually not a photographer. She’s a bride!

Lindye Maples Galloway

Lindye Galloway may also be familiar to many of you. Not only is Lindye a dream bride but she was also featured on Robert Evans‘ “Second Shooter” series when Robert came to help me shoot her wedding this past summer in Malibu.

I thought it would be so cool to interview her about what bride’s love and hate most about the wedding photographer experience. I think it will really help all of us to get a better handle on how best to attract the perfect clients. This is a MUST-BE-THERE show you don’t want to miss!

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Recap of episodes 1-4 video:

Episode 5:
Will Team A get out of the board room? Will Team B be able to fit Bambi’s “assests” into the car?

Episode 6:
We finally get a glimpse into each team’s project.

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Reality TV made to order

Now, here’s some Reality TV worth watching!

Check out my friends on Ron Dawson‘s The Longest Day… as a bonus, I thought I’d put up a double feature featuring Becker, David Jay, Jules Bianchi, Kevin Kubota, Kenny Kim, Bronson Pate, Alisha Todd, Chris Humphreys, The Bebbs, Robert Evans and some other photographers on the runner-up squad.

The Celebrity Apprentice has got nothing on us…

Episode 1:

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Get that popcorn popped!
- Dane

Photography Television is Here

The Photography Channel has Arrived

In my book, I dreamed about a 24 hour cable TV show dedicated to photography.

Then, when fantastic resources like Photography Mentor and The B School came along, I was convinced my vision was happening sooner than I thought. On the heals of individual efforts like the Simple Photo Minute in the early days of video podcasting (as well as the more updated and upcoming AskDane.com), these pioneers have begun to create mass amounts of content to really drive where we’re headed.

Now it’s looking like another significant player has arrived with the announcement of The Photography Network.

Led by industry icons, Denis Reggie, Bambi Cantrell and Joe Buissink, this is sure to make a dramatic addition to the learning landscape. I was excited, humbled and a little surprised to be included in their promotional video (click The Concept in the lower left when you go to the site) but am really glad to be seen as someone playing a part in the leading of our incredible industry. And as Seth Godin says, lead we must!

These are extraordinary times to be a photographer and gaining access to the best and brightest will really help to raise the stakes for all of us.

Super stoked!
- Dane